A charming Boat tour through the ancient maritime traditions of Livorno

Livorno, the Tuscany town founded by the Medici family, has a unique system of ancient Canals, the so-called “Fossi”.  Welcome aboard to enjoy the historic centre of the city, navigating through these picturesque waterways.
The boat tour of the Medicean canals takes about one hour, and offers an unusual and amazing perspective, among elegant buildings and picturesque wards, churches and ancient fortresses.  Guide service is available on board.
We are guided by the salty and the screeching of seagulls, following the charm of the old cellars, witnesses to an ancient maritime tradition

The Old Fortress

The Fortress comes with a pentagonal plan, has mighty brick walls and is surrounded, except on one side which is now a square, by the Medicean canals, the waterways crossing the old city centre.

District “Venezia”

The District of “Venezia” is located in the heart of Livorno and represents the true historic centre. Now the barges used to transport goods in the past centuries have given way to pleasure boats, while old warehouses now house bars and characteristic restaurants.

Canal under Piazza della Repubblica

It is one of the largest and most characteristic squares in the city. The square is known as “Voltone” for the presence of the big vault (240 meters) which covers the “Fosso Reale” (Royal Canal)

District “Pontino” and historic cellars

The cellars of District “Pontino”, facing the water in front of the fortress, were once the place where the inhabitants of the district used to process anchovies, cod and “salacche” (typical tuscan salted fishes)

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