Azimut-Benetti Shipyard

March 13, 2016

Shipyard Azimut-BenettiIn 2003 the historical Orlando Brothers shipyard was aquired by Azimut-Benetti.

The Benetti shipyards were founded in 1873 and they are specialized in the construction of ultra-luxury yacht.

In the seventies the Benetti shipyard became a famous Italian quality brand known all around the world.

Recentely a urban transformation was initiated in the areas adjacent Piazza Mazzini, where is arising the new area “Porta a Mare”. The project involves the construction of several commercial and residential buildings, the reopening of the Canal of Lazzaretti and the recovery of the nearby fortifications.

In particular, the restoration of the Fort of Light will make possible to restore, at least in part, the system of ditches that until World War surroundeded this defensive structure.

In the historical shipyard Orlando hase been kept the monumental gate access with two arches and the Monument to Luigi Orlando.

Shipyard Azimut-Benetti

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Azimut-Benetti Shipyard
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