District “Ovo Sodo”

March 13, 2016

District “Ovo Sodo”“Ovo Sodo” (Boiled egg) is the nickname given to “Benci-Centro” district, for its white-yellow colours.

Throughout Italy “Ovo Sodo” has become almost synonymous with the city of Livorno, thanks to the movie by Paolo Virzi.

This district in the past was the center of trading. Since the sixteenth century, the inmates at forced labor were selling their creations under the arcades of “Via Grande”, later on that space was claimed by the merchants for their stalls.

In the district there are the Cathedral, the Church of St. Giulia (the patron saint of the city), the German-Dutch Church, the Synagogue and the Greek Church as evidence of Livorno being a meeting pot of different cultures and religions. In the district you can also see the statue of the Grand Duke Leopoldo II.

District “Ovo Sodo”

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District “Ovo Sodo”
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