The New Fortress

March 13, 2016

New FortressThe New Fortress is the ancient “Bastion of Saint Francis” of the pentagonal city designed by Bernardo Buontalenti. In origin it also embraced the “Bastion of Santa Barbara”, until it was partially dismantled to make space for the second growth of the “Venezia” district.

The construction of the fortress dates back to the sixteenth century, when the architect Buontalenti was commissioned by the Medici government to draw up a plan for the new city of Livorno.

In 1577 the works for the construction of the city and its defensive system were started, but only around 1589 it was decided to strengthen up the military with the creation of what would later be called New Fortress.

The works began, in January 1590, by adapting two bastions of Buontalenti’s project, with the ceremony of casting the first stone. The fortress was finished in 1604 .

Until the early years of the twentieth century, on the embankment in the center of the fortress, there was a cannon used to announce the noon with a shoot.

New Fortress

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The New Fortress
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