Scali d’Azeglio

March 13, 2016

Scali d'AzeglioThe Scali D’Azeglio overlook on the Livorno “florentine Lungarno”.

In the mid-nineteenth century, along the canals, new storehouses were built such as the canals in “Venezia Nuova” (New Venice), and connected to the road surface by means of large paved ramps.

The building lands, resulted from the correction of the “Fosso Reale” (Royal Canal), were purchased by important Livornese families who built their homes or their graceful hotels there.

Luigi Squilloni started  the construction of a building, venue of the “Hotel del Nord”, while, in 1856, the family Maurogordato entrusted to Giuseppe Cappellini the designing of their residence; the Maurogordato Palace, which, with its noble and austere shape, gave to the new route of the Fosso Reale an appearance similar to that of the Florentine Arno.

Scali d'Azeglio

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Scali d’Azeglio
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